the businessbook

You use Facebook Messenger for small talk and gossip with your friends and family....

The Businessbook is very similar to that but more concerned with your clients, suppliers and employees .... it tells you who owes you money, who you owe money to, and how much.
As easy as it gets
No need to learn how to use a complicated accounting software to keep track of your money and your receivables.
Scroll below to see how it works.
its always in your pocket
Don't wait to get to your office to record a payment... usually that means you will forget a thing or two.


let's assume you are a lawyer working under the business name "Justice Law".
You have a client named "George Goldman", if you use the app to add George to your contacts and then write to george this message "you owe me $880 which is a fee of 4 hours at a premium rate for consultation on 08/06/2019"

George receives that message from you and chooses wether that sentence is true or not, if he says it's true and approves it .... he will recieve a pdf invoice and his statement will refect that $880


the contact did not have the Businessbook installed

Then he/she will receive the invoice directly in his messeges inbox


what else can this app do?

what else

Also if you pay for The Premium plan, you will get:

accounts tab
If you have a certain expense that you want to track, or maybe a cash account...then this tab will be just what you need.
The financial calender
Track everything that happened with your business on a day-to-day basis
pdf statements
You can keep track of how much a client owes you, how much you owe a supplier or an employee ... and you can issue full pdf statements at anytime.
financial statements
The app will generate financial statements every quarter automatically
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